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Well to start we all share one common CORE philosophy , we want to make Dark Orbit a fun and pleasurable experience from day 1 to veteran. How do we plan to accomplish such a daunting task as bring 50 million users together ? We don't. We want to help those that share the same views or values as we do. The key one is “No Ship Left Behind”. This does not mean you have to take everyone into your clan and make them vets. ( Even I won't do that) It means whatever level you take a pilot at you should always be assisting them in advancement. This also does not mean you have to hunt with them 24/7 just means you have to arm them with the knowledge so when left to there own devices they do not become space fodder as soon as they pull of port.

How can we help you do all this ? Support , information and brainstorming. The more of us there are the more ideas that float out there for each of us to test try or implement. We are currently try to assemble the most complete collection of Dark Orbit information that anyone source has. That is why we started this so that everyone in the Dark Orbit community that are interested in contributing can.

DO Academy
DO Academy
The Brain Child of CAADOS members and one the many things to come out of CAADOS and the Brainstorming Sessions. All kinds of pilot tips, technics and how too's for all the pilots.We even have live courses and video instruction(coming soon)

Another great concept to come from the minds of CAADOS. The site and stream are still under construction but hope to be live really soon. You should head on over and bookmark it now so you can get it easy when it goes live. So many things planned for the station from contests to interviews (we hope). This should prove to be one of the better ideas to come from the CAADOS alliances.
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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We are recruiting Clans that share the interest of bettering Dark Orbit no matter the server or company. We are interested in those clans who want to share information and know how with other clans so that we can make Dark Orbit a more enjoyable experience for all pilots. See forum for details
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